At Alliance Recovery, we provide a continuum of care that allows individuals to progress through our drug and alcohol rehab programs with the support they need. Whether you are dealing with alcoholism, cocaine addiction, opioid abuse, or something else, our licensed clinicians and masters-level therapists work with you to ensure you are engaged in a program that best fits your needs. Our outpatient programs provide you with the therapy necessary to heal and overcome substance use disorder to make a lasting recovery.

Partial Hospitalization

A Partial Hospitalization Program is a great treatment option for individuals who aren’t able due to work, school, or family obligations to enter a residential treatment program. In a PHP, individuals come to our facility daily for a fixed span of hours. During this time, they receive the treatment they need and engage in the therapy required to meet their unique needs to heal and overcome substance use disorder. Individuals still work, attend school, and live at home, allowing them to get the care they need with minimal disruption to their routine.

Outpatient Treatment

In outpatient treatment, counselors and therapists begin by getting to know the client. We then pick up where the last recovery effort left off, focusing on the issues individuals are still dealing with and revisiting the coping mechanisms, life skills, and techniques to deal with triggers and cravings an individual knows.

Then we develop a fresh treatment plan. It may include therapies the client is already familiar with or new approaches. At Alliance Recovery, we continue to educate individuals about addiction and recovery, assess their development and progress while monitoring and supporting their growth in recovery.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program

An intensive outpatient program is different from an outpatient program. A major difference is how in an IOP treatment is condensed, and individuals experience therapy in a very focused manner. While outpatient treatment is more infrequent, an intensive outpatient program has set dates and hours for an individual to attend.

Our IOP is designed to fit the schedule of the client. By doing so, individuals can get the treatment they need without major disruption to their personal lives. This means clients can work, attend school, and meet family obligations because they are not confined to a facility. It also allows clients to guard their privacy while getting the therapeutic treatment they know they need to restore their health.

Dual Diagnosis

Dual diagnosis involves an individual who has two conditions occurring at the same time. A person diagnosed with a substance use disorder while at the same time having a mental health condition. Anxiety, depression, personality disorders, eating disorders, and trauma-related disorders are exacerbated by or caused by a substance abuse disorder to alcohol or drugs. Dual diagnosis treatment programs work by helping the client solve inner conflicts or past trauma that may be contributing to their substance abuse.
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Virtual IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program)

Virtual IOP is an online intensive outpatient treatment program, suited for anyone committed to recovery, but unable to detox from alcohol or drugs alone, and unable to attend a treatment center in person. Virtual IOP’s offer a tele-health alternative to in person treatment, with daily individual and group counseling, as well as therapies such as CBT and DBT.
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Addiction Therapy

We offer therapy services to give individuals the tools and coping skills needed to continue on their path to long-term sobriety. Through cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, holistic therapy and more, individuals will learn the root causes of their substance use disorders or mental health conditions, and learn useful techniques to avoid relapse.

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