About Us

Alliance Recovery Center

Here at Alliance Recovery, our executive leadership and admissions staff has extensive knowledge of addiction treatment with many members of our team having gone through treatment themselves. Through years of their lives dedicated to service, and striving to develop a connection with fellow addicts, our team has cultivated a passion for helping young men and women who find themselves in positions they were once in.

Our Mission

Our goal at Alliance Recovery is to help individuals make the transition from inpatient treatment to outpatient aftercare, giving them the added structure and support necessary to make a lasting recovery. Through our programs and treatments, individuals enjoy a structured, supportive community as they heal and recover learning how to live their best sober life.

What do we do?

At Alliance Recovery, we provide a continuum of care that allows individuals to progress through our drug and alcohol rehab programs with the support they need. Whether you are dealing with alcoholism, cocaine addiction, opioid abuse, or something else, our licensed clinicians and masters-level therapists work with you to ensure you are engaged in a program that best fits your needs. Our outpatient programs provide you with the therapy necessary to heal and overcome substance use disorder to make a lasting recovery.

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